Where the world of Pinterest can seem daunting from the outside, once you join it, there’s no better place to gather inspiration from – especially for food bloggers.

Since it isn’t a typical social networking platform, people with a serious passion for things such as cooking, crafts, gardening, and fashion can completely immerse themselves and connect with others over similar interests.

Why should I join Pinterest?

So as a food blogger, why should you be on Pinterest?


  • The most popular category on Pinterest is Food &Drink and more than 50% of the content on it revolves around food.
  • Everything is image-based, so not only will food-related pictures have you tempted to try out new recipes, you will yourself strive to become a better photographer!
  • Saving recipes have never been easier! Pin your favorite recipes and scroll through them whenever you need to find the recipe.
  • So many ways to make one thing! Wanting to try out a new recipe for Thai red curry? Why stick with one set of instructions when you can browse through so many versions within a matter of minutes.
  • Want to reach out to more readers and promote your personal food blog? This is your chance and venue to increase your exposure and gain more traffic on your website. Pin your favorite recipes, share your tempting pictures and add helpful tips, and you will have fellow foodies returning for more!
  • With a clean and simple interface, Pinterest is so easy to use that you won’t need a tutorial to add pictures and links or browse through other public boards.
  • Categorizing is so easy on Pinterest. Are you as proud of your soups as your deserts? Why clump them all together when you can make separate boards for each category and keep things organized.


At first, Pinterest may overwhelm you, but like everything else in life, you need to give yourself time to master it. Don’t compare yourself to users who have been there for years and enjoy organizing and pinning according to your own preference. Now that you are sure that you should be on Pinterest, check our blog post on How to grow your Pinterest from 0 to 3.5M Monthly Viewers in 2 Months!


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