How to¬†become a professional food blogger, you ask? Recipe videos, we say. ūüôā¬†

As a professional food blogger, your main goals should be getting followers to your blog page and social channels, engaging with these followers and encouraging them to stay on your pages for as long as possible.  Creating recipe videos helps you with all of these tasks.

The fact is that people consume more video content over tradition picture and written posts. Video content is exploding on social media in 2018 and experts say that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019. That’s a lot and you should take advantage of that!

#1 – Better engagement

how to start a food video blog

Videos are a fast and easy way to consume content. If you create video content focusing on your niche, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. If you compare to traditional text and picture posts, videos generate 1200% more shares.

#2 – Traffic Growth

how does a food blogger make money

It’s proven that videos are helpful in search engine ranking. All major platforms: Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook favor video over static content.

Youtube is not only the biggest video hosting site but it‚Äôs also the second most used search engine. Another emerging video platform is Pinterest – Pinterest loves videos (we’ll be creating a specific post on how to optimize for Pinterest video shortly)! Finally, Facebook is being used more and more for searches and prioritizes video content as well, especially¬†live content.

Generally, people spend 1.5 hours per day watching videos! There is a lot of space for your video recipe to be seen here.

#3 – More Subscribers

how do you make money as a food blogger

People like videos.¬†Remember, in 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video content – the more high-quality, niche-focused videos you produce, the more subscribers you’re likely to get.

#4 – Stand Out

how to become a food blogger and make money

Doing videos may be an opportunity for you to be more interesting and relevant to your readers. Videos enable you to input your own unique personality and creative spin on things. It’s important to increase engagement with your followers and to deepen your relationship with them. If done right, recipe videos enable you to do just that.

#5 – Revamp old content

how to become a professional food blogger

It’s not easy to crank out new content every day. One way to save your time and creative juices is to create a recipe video from an already popular recipe on your blog. It’s a great way to bring “fresh” traffic to your site and encourage new shares amongst your followers.¬†


Bonus reason: Get more sponsored work opportunities!

how to become a good food blogger

Creating recipe videos help you get #paid! Brands look for collaborations with food bloggers who can bring in the most traffic and generate the most sales. Brands know that videos are currently the most popular way that people consume content and so they are actively looking for food bloggers who can create high-quality recipe videos. We know this because we directly work with brands who are seeking out recipe video food bloggers (you can contact us to learn more). 


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